How to Apply

To be considered for general funding please complete the application form with a little background about your organisation, your specific cause and your current needs. The fund is open to UK registered charities, not for profit constituted community groups and other charitable institutions (CICs, Social Enterprises) showing a set of rules or formal organisation, based and working IN SUSSEX. A breakdown of the amount of funding you are seeking is required and do bear in mind it is generally our intention to provide smaller grants (max £1000) to end users in financial difficulty and that will make a significant difference to your cause and community. Please note that individuals and religious or political causes will not be funded, neither generally will capital equipment (e.g. laptops), unconstituted groups or profit making organisations. Confirmation of receipt and consideration will be sent.

Our Trustees and Grants Committee will consider all chosen applications carefully at their scheduled grants meetings. The next new application deadline is 30th SEPTEMBER 2021, however it is highly recommended to apply at least a few days before this. All applicants will be notified of the outcome and, if successful, signed grants paperwork confirming the grants use, a UK Bank or Building Society account and a commitment to reporting on the use of the funds, will all be required. All applicants are kindly asked to wait for one funding round before re-applying.


Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Please give us an idea about your organisation - who do you support, what are your aims and activities?

How much money would you like to apply for and how is the money likely to be spent? Have you had any success in fund raising from other sources? Do you require funding by a specific date?

The Homity Trust prefer enquiries from registered charities and non-profit organisations. We particularly favour smaller local causes. We regret that we cannot respond to personal applications, and do not support proselytising, political parties or animal charities.