The Homity Trust is a standard registered UK Charity, no:1155479. All communications should be addressed to;

The Manager, Homity Trust, 139 Ditchling Road, Brighton, East Sussex. BN1 4SE.


The Trust only ‘collects’ your data when you make contact with us. This is usually as an email and mainly when applying for a grant through the website. This data may include your organisations name, email address, website address, registered organisation number and a telephone number. This data is held on a secure server within commercial software and forms a database of organisations that have contacted us.

Homity will only use your information in consideration of a charitable grant, and is analysed by us in carrying out due diligence. This data is then only subsequently used by us to contact you with the outcome of your application. Successful grantees will also be asked to sign some physical paperwork for our records. We may then use this data in order to stay in touch regarding your grant award.

This database is regularly updated and maintained in house. We do not process your data externally and do not proactively ‘market’ to our database. We do not sell or rent this data nor discuss this with any external agencies.

You can ask at anytime to see the information that we hold on your organisation and request amendments or removal. Please contact us through the website.


May 2018.