The Homity Trust is a small and approachable Brighton based charity. We give modest awards to local causes suffering financial hardship where the funds will make a significant difference.

The next grants application deadline is 30th September 2017 using the standard form on this site.

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Trustees grants meeting

Homity was inundated with good quality grants applications over the Spring. After much debate and consideration the trustees and new grants committee awarded almost £20,000 to 11 new and 4 existing local causes. From men in sheds to respite care, apprenticeship training to xmas meal provision, the funds awarded will be working hard to make a difference.

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PLOT22 community allotment garden

We are pleased to have been able to fund a really important (but perhaps not the most exciting..) piece of work allowing the joining up of the two ‘plots’ at this site in west Hove. Under Emma’s leadership this work is now approaching completion (see photos) and is fully accessible by all users. Here is […]

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Farm Green playground – new equipment

  The updating of the Farm Green playground in Bevendean. This lovely parkland green space within the estate has been neglected for a while and the local council cannot award funds to help. Under the brilliant leadership of Jayne Van Rensburg and her Friends of Farm Green group, Homity has awarded enough to get things […]

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